Founded in 1946, Brochard Constructeur develops and manufactures a wide range of trailers and particularly a range of manure spreaders. Their experience in the production of spreaders, in France and abroad, combined with specialist know-how and high-precision tools, will satisfy your need for excellence.

Brochard Ev 2000 XL Range

ModelCapacity Water LevelHeaped CapacityAxelsDry WeightFull LengthInternal Length
Ev2000-1003242312 Tons1367210000
Ev2000-902836311 Tons1267290000
Ev2000-802533210 Tons117028000
Ev2000-70222929 Tons107027000
Ev2000-65202617.5 Tons99006500
Ev2000-60182317 Tons94006000
Ev2000-55162116.5 Tons89005500

Key Features

All Brochard spreaders are built with Domex S460 steel, spreading vanes, table and horizontal beaters are finished with Hardox

Brochard Chain
The patented Brochard chain is made from forged steel and is developed in conjunction with Rubig based in Austria.
The system is extremely strong rated to a 70t break out level
Allows the chain to be fully reversible
Doesn’t allow any product to build up on the pinion, which can lead to chains stretching
Very easy to adjust chain length or replace damaged links by simply unclipping and reclipping links
Very long life as opposed to many single link systems the Brochard chain has two wearing points.

Hydraulic tensioning of the chain floor As standard Brochard provides hydraulic tensioning of the chain floor with a built in pressure sensor, this system means the chain floor is kept at a consistent tension when in working mode to allow the chain to work at it optimum level. The sensors is for safety and will alert the operator if the chain tension is too high and if this exceeds a certain level the machine will automatically shut down the chain floor.

Brochard Horizontal Beaters Horizontal beaters with spinning table, allows for greater control of the spreading pattern. The spread width can be easily adjusted and can handle a much wider variety of products compared to a traditional vertical beater system.
There are two main adjustments that can be made; the rear canopy can move to vary the drop point of the product onto the vanes and the spinning tables pitch can be easily adjusted also.


Heavy duty Horizontal Beaters
The heavy duty horizontal beater system is extremely strong and reliable with three 170hp gear boxes set up to run the system via the PTO drive. It makes the processing and distribution of the product a very easy job whilst also requiring much less maintenance then a tradition chain drive system.