Bredal Lime and Fertiliser Spreaders

For more than 50 years, Bredal have specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-quality lime and fertiliser spreaders aiming for simple, low-cost operation and sturdy design.

Bredal K Series Range – K65/85/105/135

K Series Spreaders are highly flexible and can be applied for a range of different materials, including:

– Agricultural lime/gypsum
– Commercial fertilizer including Urea up to 36m
– Sand (Topdressing)
– Compost
– Ash
– Snail bait and mouse bait

In K Series, there are 4 different models with the capacity from 8400 up to 21,000 litres.

K65 and K85 are produced as single axle machines, K105’s are normally delivered with one axle but can also be delivered with bogie axle. K135 can only be produced with bogie axle.

The wide range of sizes, equipment options and special versions provides you with an opportunity to choose exactly the type of spreader that would fit the job.

K models K105L and K135L are produced with a specially designed and constructed 12 metre auger for spreading of powder materials.

Electronic control of the spreaders is possible either via TeeJet 500 computer or via ISOBUS. Spreaders can be upgraded to variable rate and load cell options.

Bredal Trailed Spreader Range

ModelCube CapacityRated Tons