The core of the Bogballe spreading system is the in-centre spreading technique, spreading discs are rotating towards each other and distribute the fertiliser in four applications. In this way we achieve a 4-double overlap which result in a perfect spread pattern with practical in-field tolerance. The 4-double overlap is achieved by applying the fertiliser four times. In practice it means that each disc is distributing the fertiliser from the travelling tramline to the middle of next tramline on each side of the spreader.

The system works with 180° overlapping which only is possible with the discs rotating towards each other. Simultaneously the system is perfect for working in non-rectangular fields as the fertiliser is spread behind the machine and not to the front towards the tractor.

Bogballe Range

ModelLitre rangeRated TonsLoad Cells
M60W4050 - 55506TStandard
M45W1800 - 52504.5TStandard
M45 Plus1800 - 52504.5TNot Available
M35W1800 - 45003.5TStandard
M35 Plus1800 - 45003.5TNot Available
M35W Base1250 - 26753TStandard
M35 Base1250 - 26753TNot Available
L2W700 - 20502TStandard
L2 Plus700 - 20502TNot Available
L1 Plus700 - 16001.6TNot Available
L1 Base500 - 13251.6TNot Available



The Perfect Pattern
The In-Centre system is used for normal in-field spreading; spreading discs rotating towards each other to the centre of the spreader. In this way we achieve a perfect “4-double overlap” which results in a perfect spread pattern with practical in-field tolerance. Watch Video

Thoroughly tested weighing system
Since 1988 the weighing technique has ensured a high level of precision. The weighing technique registers changes in the flow and adjusts the shutter automatically on the move. Therefore, the amount of fertiliser used is precisely controlled ensuring optimum use of inputs and control of costs. Watch Video

Easy Setting
One setting and the spreader is ready for work. If you choose a spreader with weighing technique and intelligent control, the only setting that must be done is to set the tilt angle to achieve the required spread width. The risk of incorrect setting is therefore minimal.

Powder Paint
First class protection against corrosion. The formula for a good paint is based on a thorough grinding, de-burring and cleaning of every single component. During the 45-minute cleaning process, just before the painting, every single component enters a multi stage chemical cleaning process with alcalic degreasing, iron phosphorous and chrome passivation steps. We paint every single machine component with the sturdy Flexi Coat powder paint. The result is an extremely durable and corrosion resistant paint. Watch Video

Dynamic Section Control (Optional)
a. With Section Control Dynamic shutters operate in 8 linear steps which simultaneously adjusts the quantity and moves the spread pattern individually on both sides of the spreader.
b. The double-double overlapping benefits from the in-centre system which is maintained and therefore the system does not require any further adjustments. Watch Video